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Why can't we in the USA/Canada produce creative players who can fake the shorts off of a defender? You know; the Messi's, Neymar's, Iniesta's, who can trip not 1 ,2, 3, or 4 defenders up.

Why do most of us coaches tell our players to keep it simple - Quit the fancy stuff -  Play one or two touch soccer - or Pull it back/reset instead of taking a defender on and beat them 1v1?  

What use is a player who practices his moves, fakes & feints religiously (on his/her own time), when the coach then yells at them for trying to pull it off in a game?

Why does USA/Canada have a soccer culture from the top down?  Do we build houses from the roof down to the foundation?  

Why do our better coaches (the ones who can identify proper technique and correct bad technique) not work with two or three U8,9,10 player teams instead of coaching the U17-U19 players, who are practically set in their ways? 

Why do we leave the U8, U9, U10 players to the volunteer parents?

These are the things that make me go hmmm.

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