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In no particular order of importance just a list of categories. Not all Soccer and not directly related but they cover the fields contributing to the quality of coaching such as leadership, management, communication etc. Some good ones I have adapted good ideas from.

Coaching related (General):

Creative Coaching-Jerry Lynch
Body Mind Mastery:Creating Success in Sport and Life-Dan Millman
You haven't taught until they have learned-John Wooden

Fitness/Conditioning/Injury Prevention related:

Sports Training Principles-Frank Dick
Functional Training for Sport-Mike Boyle
Advances in Functional Training-Mike Boyle
Intervention:Course corrections for the Athlete and Trainer-Dan John
Easy Strength-Dan John, Pavel Tsatsouline
Becoming a Supple Leopard:Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury and Optimizing Athletic Performance-Kelly Starret.Glen Cordozo
Strength and Conditioning for Team Sports:Sport Specific Physical Preparation for High Performance
Strength Coach:A call to serve-Jeff Connors
League of Denial-Mark Fianaru-Wada,Steve Fainaru
The Strongest Shall Survive-Ball Starr
Starting Strength-Mark Rippetoe
Sport Specific Speed-Vern Gambetta
Athletic Development-Vern Gambetta

Team Building and Management

Winning-Clive Woodward
Six of the Best:Lessons in Life in leadership-Chartered Management Institute
Understanding Organizations-Charles Handy
Tell to Win-Peter Guber
Find a way to Win-Terry Michler
Peak Performance-Clive Giilson et al
Tactics-Edward De Bono
Effective Leadership-John Adair
Finding a way to win-Bill Parcels
The Education of a coach-David Halberstam
Win Forever:Live, Work and Play like a Champion-Peter Carrol
Quiet Strength: Principles, Practices and Priorities for a winning Life- Tony Dungy
The Mentor Leader:Secrets to building people and teams that win consistently-Tony Dungy
The Score takes care of itself-Bill Walsh
Their life's work: the brotherhood of the 70's steelers then and now-G Pomerantz
Three Rings,Three Rivers:Story of the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers-Leo Roth,Sal Maiorana
Chuck Noll:A Winning Way-Jim Obrien
Wooden on Leadership-John Wooden
Legacy:15 lessons in leadership from New Zealand All Blacks-James Kerr
Confidence:How winning streaks and losing streaks begin and end-Elizabeth Moss-Canter

Soccer Coaching, Tactics Etc:

Patterns in World Football-Peter Hartland
Starmaker:The Untold Story of Jimmy Murphey-Brian Hughes
Coaching High Performance Soccer-Giovanni Trappatoni
Des grobe Happel Fubballbuch:Training,Taktik,Tricks-Heinz Pruller(Training methods of Ernst Happel)
Fubball aktiv Training +Spiel-Jupp Heynckes
The Coaching Philosophies of Louis Van gaal-Henny Kormelink
Principles of Brazilian Soccer-Goncalves
Coaching Modern Soccer Defence-Eric G Batty
Coaching Soccer Offense-Eric G Batty
Soccer Coaching:The European way Eric G Batty
Scientific Soccer Caoching in the Seventies-Eric G Batty
All Wade Positional Play Books
Winning Formula-Charles Hughes
Tactics and Team Work-Charles Hughes


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An oldie but a different way to view the game:

The Art of Soccer, by Mark Catlin 

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Just picked up Dan Blank's Soccer IQ. It has some nice gems in there about insights players can add to their games. 

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Thanks for great ebooks.
give you more soccer discovery at: Best Soccer Training
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