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The and-again forum is meant to be a free spirited discussion on the art of coaching soccer. We share, debate, argue, agree and disagree many ideas about coaching. For the most part the posters are the moderators, and when someone steps out of line, the posters let them know.

However, I do ask that all members abide by these simple rules:

1. Members can discuss books, videos and other soccer coaching items in any postings; 
however, only a link to the original author, an link to a published work, or the publisher's authorized site maybe included - NO FILE SHARING LINKS WILL BE ALLOWED.  Violating this rule, at the host's discretion, will result in suspension of your posting privileges. Links may also be posted to YouTube or similar video sites.  You may quote two paragraphs or approximately 500 words of a source, but not the whole article (instead post a link to the source or the title and author.) Posts deemed to be promotional will be deleted. If you want to promote an item that you have rights to, you can advertise on the forum.

2. All threads must be soccer or coaching related. 

3. Posters should make every reasonable attempt to give credit to material that is owned or originated by someone else.

Thank you and enjoy the discussion!

Greg Marston
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